Project Update – June 4, 2019


With multiple projects occurring at the same time by multiple owners (including the City, Appalachian Power, other utility providers, and private development), we know it can be tricky at times to navigate downtown. Thankfully, each Appalachian Power project is progressing quickly and with few issues. Below is an update regarding each block within the scope of the Appalachian Power “sidestreet” work that must be completed prior to construction on Main Street in September 2019.

Eleventh Street Vault

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The unanticipated underground sewer issue that put the Eleventh Street block on hold has now been resolved. Unfortunately, since the sewer line can’t be moved (it would cost too much and add too much time to the schedule), Appalachian Power is going to find a new location for its underground electrical vault.

Right now, crews are working to close the excavation site on Eleventh Street so that it can be repaved and reopened to traffic. We hope to have the block reopened within the next two weeks.

In the meantime, if you need to access the Shewels parking lot or the 1000 Church Street parking lot, then you can still do so via Eleventh Street.

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Tenth Street Vault

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Work is continuing on the three underground electrical vault installations on Tenth Street. Last week, crews poured the final concrete vault tops on two out of the three vaults and installed new street-level grates. As of this week, they are beginning to excavate the area to install the third vault near the intersection of Tenth Street and Main Street.

Construction on this block began on April 29 and the street is closed to through-traffic.  However, the on-street handicap parking on Tenth Street is still available for those needing to access City Hall and all parking lots located off Tenth Street are available to permitted vehicles.
This project is on-schedule and is expected to be completed by mid/late-July.

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Lower Ninth Street Vault

Lower Ninth Street Map.jpg

The “Lower Ninth Street” project involves the closure of Ninth Street between Commerce Street and Main Street.

Last week, crews finished excavating the site for the new underground electrical vault and installed shoring on the sides of the excavated area. This shoring is essential for providing safe conditions for workers as they construct the new vault.

The project will take approximately eight weeks to complete and the street should be reopened by mid/late-July.

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9th St 2.jpg

Looking Ahead

Crews for Lynchburg Water Resources will complete work on Church Street this week, so Church Street will be reopened to through-traffic as early as today (June 4).

After Eleventh Street is reopened in the next week or two, Appalachian Power will continue its work on both Ninth and Tenth Streets. In the future, work is not planned to occur in more than two blocks at once.

If you park in the Midtown Parking Deck, that City deck is under construction until September 2019. Look for more updates on the City website via this link.

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Heather Kennedy