Project Update – May 2, 2019


Appalachian Power’s pre-Main Street work is progressing quickly throughout downtown.  When the company began its work in March 2019, it identified six major projects it needed to complete before construction began on Main Street in September 2019.  Of these six projects, two are already completed:

  • The Ninth Street vault located between Main & Church Streets was completed in just under 8 weeks.  This work entailed a full excavation and replacement of the underground electrical vault and all of its equipment.

  • The Lynchburg Community Market’s vault top replacement project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule in just under two weeks in the beginning of April.

Eleventh Street Vault

Blog 2 - 11 St Map.jpg

Work on Eleventh Street began on Monday, April 22 and the street is closed to through-traffic between Main & Church Streets.  However, if you need to access a parking lot or driveway located off Eleventh Street, then you can access those at any time.  

Blog 2 - 11 St, 1.JPG
Blog 2 - 11 St, 2.JPG

Before Appalachian Power’s contractor, Carolina Conduit Systems (CCS) could begin work, Lynchburg Water Resources needed to complete some waterline adjustments to make room for the excavation.  As of this week, CCS has begun its work and is excavating the street to remove the existing underground electrical vault.  After the excavation is complete, then they crew can begin shoring up the walls to pour concrete for a new vault.

This project is on-schedule and is expected to be completed by mid-June.

Tenth Street Vault

Blog 2, 10 St Map.jpg

Immediately after completing its work on Ninth Street, CCS moved its crew to Tenth Street between Main and Church Streets.  Construction began on April 29 and the street is closed to through-traffic.  However, the on-street handicap parking on Tenth Street is still available for those needing to access City Hall and all parking lots located off Tenth Street are available to permitted vehicles.

Blog 2, 10 St, 2.JPG
Blog 2 - 10 St, 1.JPG

As of this week, CCS has completed construction of decking to enable its crews to safely remove the underground electrical vault tops.  Once the tops are removed, then CCS will be able to begin excavating the vaults to construct new ones.

This project is on-schedule and is expected to be completed by mid-July.

Looking Ahead

Crews will continue work on the Eleventh and Tenth Street vaults, but no new work from Appalachian Power is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.  Look for a second update in mid-May!

David Fredriksen